Bespoke manufacturing solutions reduce production costs

See us at MACH 2018 on Stand H7-244

Gosport-based Kingsbury, which is sole sales and service agent in the UK and Ireland for top-quality CNC turning, milling and grinding machines manufactured by eight different machine tool builders in southern Germany, returns to MACH this year to promote its solution approach to machine tool sales.

The manufacturers it represents are Index and its subsidiary, Traub, which offer CNC single- and multi-spindle lathes; Hermle, which builds 3- to 5-axis machining centres; and four large prismatic metalcutting machine manufacturers, BURKHARDT+WEBER, F Zimmermann, SHW and Waldrich Coburg. The latter machine ranges are handled by Kingsbury’s Large Prismatic Machines division in Warwick.

Furthermore, at the beginning of 2017 Kingsbury set up a new Grinding Technology division, also based in its Midlands facility, following the company’s appointment as agent for grinding machine manufacturer, Haas Schleifmaschinen. Use of the grinders is strong in the medical sector in Ireland, where Kingsbury has a Belfast office, while in the UK, sales of the machines have seen rapid growth in the aerospace industry, particularly in the competitive field of turbine blade tip and root grinding.

The latest addition to the company’s portfolio is its exclusive distributorship for AddUp Global Additive Solutions, a joint venture owned by two giants of French industry, Michelin and the Fives industrial engineering group. Kingsbury’s new Additive Manufacturing division takes it into a new area, as it is now able to offer production solutions based on powder-bed additive techniques that Michelin developed for tyre mould production.

Richard Kingsbury, managing director of Kingsbury comments, “For over 60 years we have been supplying the finest machines supported by the best people, trained to the highest standards, to help customers achieve long-term value and market success.

“Every one of our installations is a turnkey solution to some extent and often to a considerable degree, designed to solve customers’ production problems. We deliver the lowest possible cost of production at the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability, coupled with long-term value and reliability.

“MACH 2018 will give us a platform to showcase our technical expertise, research and development activities, product knowledge and industry experience, plus our comprehensive after-sales support.

“Our senior management team, sales engineers and specialists will be on hand to engage commercially and technically with managers and engineers from across manufacturing industry to answer general enquiries and undertake in-depth consultation regarding specific manufacturing projects.”

Representatives from the machine tool factories will also be in attendance throughout the week. It is interesting to note some of the comments they have made about their association with Kingsbury.

For example, Franz-Xaver Bernhard, Vorstand Vertrieb, Forschung & Entwicklung at Hermle says, “We have been working with Kingsbury for just over 12 years and in that time they have become one of our most trusted and capable partners. Their applications and service teams are of the very highest standard.”

Matthias Fleischer, Direktor Verkauf at Waldrich Coburg offers, “Kingsbury’s breadth of engineering experience and market knowledge offer a tremendous asset for customers looking for advice on choosing the most appropriate and cost-effective option for producing larger workpieces requiring process rigidity, part quality, accuracy and long-term system reliability.”

Martin Rathgeb, Technischer Leiter at SHW Werkzeugmaschinen states, “In our very sophisticated project business, we strongly rely on excellent sales partners and application engineers. The Kingsbury team delivers on both. Even final commissioning of our very complex machines and machine acceptances are always executed in a very professional manner.”

Hans Koschig, Leiter Verkauf Ausland at Index, which has been represented by Kingsbury since 1957 adds, “It is not unusual, at times of high demand, that we ask Kingsbury for applications support outside of the UK, such is the high regard we have for their team.”

Norbert Hartwich, Verkauf Ausland at Traub concludes, “The requirement to send Traub specialists to the UK to address service issues in the field is extremely rare indeed.”

It is this high level of competence that Kingsbury will be looking to convey to visitors attending MACH this year.


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