The innovative turn-mill center for high-performance machining of large workpieces

Insights into the G420

  • The INDEX G420 turn-mill center offers the best performance for customers from the mechanical engineering, automotive and aerospace industries, with high availability and process reliability – the complete solution when it comes to high-performance machining of large workpieces.
  • Identical main and counter spindles with spindle clearance D 102 mm
  • Chuck D 315 mm (optionally up to D 400 mm)
  • Tool stock for up to 139 tools
  • Powerful motorized milling spindle with proven Y/B quill kinematics for complex 5-axis milling operations
  • Sophisticated working area concept for turning lengths up to 1,600 mm and variable machining options
  • High thermal and mechanical stability
  • High dynamic response (rapid traverse rate up to 50 m/min)
  • Chip conveyor can be used on the left and right

Key Features

Working area Turning length 1,600 (2,500 optional)mm
Main spindle Speed max. 3,500rpm
Chuck diameter 315mm (400 optional)
Torque at 100%/40% 800/920Nm
Power at 100%/40% 34/41kW
Motor milling spindle Tooling system HSK-T63 / Capto-C6
Speed max 12,000 (HSK-t63) / 18,000 (Capto-C6)rpm
Power max 26 (HSK-T63) / 27.5 (Capto-C6)kW
Torque max 150 (HSK-T63) / 100 (Capto-C6)Nm
Slide travel X, rapid traverse, feed force 750 / 30 / 10,000mm / m/min / N
Slide travel Y, rapid traverse, feed force +/-170 / 20 / 11,000mm / m/min / N
Slide travel Z, rapid traverse, feed force 1600 / 50 / 9,000mm / m/min / N
B-axis swivel angle -25 / +205 / +/-115degrees
Tool magazine Tooling system HSK-T63 / Capto-C6
Tool weight max 10kg
Tool diameter max 160mm
Tool length max 500mm
Tool carrier Tooling system VDI-40
Number of stations 12
Speed max 5,400rpm
Torque at 100% / 25% 20 / 35Nm
Slide travel X, rapid traverse, feed force 185 / 30 / 10,000mm / m/min / N
Slide travel Y, rapid traverse, feed force 70 / 20 / 11,000mm / m/min / N
Slide travel Z, rapid traverse, feed force 1,900 / 50 / 9,000mm / m/min / N
General Length x width x height 5060 x 3000 x 3165mm
Weight 23,000kg
Connecting power 112kW
Control iXpanel - i4.0 ready Basis Siemens S840D sl

Machine In The Spotlight Series – INDEX G420

The INDEX G420 – a machine capable of producing large components within a compact footprint of just fifteen square metres – is at the forefront of versatile CNC milling machines. Manufactured by German lathe company, INDEX, this machine is only available in the UK, Ireland and the Gulf Cooperation Council through Kingsbury.


Machine in the spotlight – INDEX G420

The growing need for single set-up CNC machines for complex and qualit...

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