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Insights into the V160C

  • The basic version – compact and highly productive with minimum space requirements. The front-open machine with its large-sized machining area is easily accessible. 24 tool stations VDI25 or 30. Tool drive for all stations.
  • Powerful motorized spindles
  • Short secondary processing times due to a linear motor in the X-axis
  • Easy parts supply through balcony design
  • Effective due to up to 3 tool turrets
  • Y/B-axis for inclined, off-center drilling and milling
  • Flexible tool clamping plate for specialized machining methods
  • Easy linking of single machines

Key Features

Main spindle, counter spindle Swing diameter 310mm
Bar capacity 65mm
Chuck diameter 160 (200)mm
Speed max 5,000rpm
Power max 27kW
Torque max 145Nm
C axis resolution 0.001 degree
Tool carrier Equipped as Revolver, max. 3
Tooling system VDI25 / VDI30
Number of stations 3 x 12
Speed max 6,000rpm
Power max 8.5kW
Torque max 14Nm
Slide travel X, rapid traverse, feed force 955 / 80 / 8mm / m/min / N
Slide travel Y, rapid traverse, feed force 120 / 7.5 / 10mm / m/min / N
Slide travel Z, rapid traverse, feed force 260 / 40 / 10mm / m/min / N
B-axis swivel angle 360degrees
Dimensions, weight, connecting power Weight 5,500kg
Connecting power 25kW
Control iXpanel - i4.0 ready Basis Siemens S840D sl

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