The MultiContour high rail gantry milling machine is the solution for 5-axis components requiring the highest contour accuracy. MultiContour is built with all hydrostatic guideways ensuring the highest damping, stiffness and dynamic behavior. The hydrostatic guideways combined with the high rail design result in high axis acceleration and travel speeds. Equipped with a mechanical and motor spindle making it the ideal machine for roughing and finishing operations.

Insights into the MultiContour

  • Automatic tool changer and head changer
  • Fully automated operation
  • Applications include aerospace and die and mold industries
  • Double gantry to maximize productivity
  • FMS integration
  • Pallet changers

Key Features

Mechanical Spindle Power 45 kW (60 HP)
Motor Spindle Power 20 - 50 kW (26 - 67 HP)
Clearance Width up to 6000 mm (20 ft.)
Ram Stroke up to 2500 mm (8 ft.)
Setup Length up to 50000 mm (164 ft.)

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