The new high-performer for the aviation industry, the horizontal machining centre FZH.

Introducing the FZH Horizontal range from Zimmermann.

  • No need for a bespoke foundation
  • Unique pallet transfer design means the pallet size is scalable
  • Innovative column design maintains structural rigidity
  • Huge cycle time advantages on pocket milling
  • Easy automation of the solution
  • A price performance ratio that is second to none

Key features

Working ranges X-axis 4,100 mm - 20,100 mm
Y-axis 1,600/2,100/2,600 mm
Z-axis 650/850 mm
Clamping pallet Length 4,100 mm
Width 1,600 mm
Height 250 mm
Pallet loading 4,000 kg/m2
Threaded sockets M16 (Standard)
Grid dimensions 200 mm x 200 mm
Drives - linear axes Rate of feed (x-axis) 60 m/min
Rate of feed (Y-, Z-axis) 40 m/min
Acceleration (X-, Y-, Z-axis) 6 m/s2
Automation Y1-axis (lifting axis) approx. 2,200 mm
Z-1 axis (feeding axis) approx. 4,800 mm
Number of pallets 2 units
Pallet changing time approx. 4 minutes
Connections ports on the pallet 1 x vacuum port
Safety housing Safety Housing Protection Fence and Safety GlassesLight Beam Sensors
Pallet changing concept 1 x set-up unit
1 x storage unit

Zimmermann’s new HMC

German manufacturer Zimmermann has introduced a new horizontal-spindle machining centre (HMC) for the efficient production of structural components in the aerospace industry.

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