SECO’s Inspiration Through Innovation Event

SECO’s Inspiration Through Innovation event next month promises a practical guide in productivity, performance and waste reduction. Kingsbury will be at the event from the 9th – 10th October 2018.

Inspiration Through Innovation SECO

SECO’s annual Inspiration Through Innovation event is back next month at their state-of-the-art Technology Centre in Warwickshire.

Each year growing in size and popularity, this customer-focused event aims to be an informative guide to the advances made in productivity, performance and waste reduction.

Practical tutorials from SECO are being run for the first time this year. Taking place in smaller groups these tutorials focus on best practice machining of metals. Also on offer are seminars from Rolls-Royce, TIMET & SECO themselves, as well as machine demonstrations from a range of suppliers. 

Four Hermle High-Performance 5-axis machines will be in action on real-world Aerospace and Medical components. Visit the demonstrations to see first-hand the synergy between machine tool, cutting tool, metalworking fluid, CAD/ CAM, workholding and metrology.

Hermle C 30 – Aerospace Sector, Blisk Aero Blade

Aerospace Sector Blisk Aero Blade

Since the development of multi-axis machine tools, the disk and blades of jet engine compressor fans can be intrinsically combined in the manufacture of blisks. Due to the nature of the material that needs to be used for this function, these blisks are difficult to machine. The demonstration will explain how the latest technologies have helped this process become seamless.

Hermle C30 – Aerospace Sector, Fuel Connector A350

Aerospace Sector Fuel Connector A350

In the past, aircraft fuel connectors were machined in two separate operations, affecting both productivity and quality. This demonstration shows the completion of a fuel nozzle in one operation through the optimisation of all aspects of the machining process.

Hermle C 30 – Aerospace Sector, Annulus Filler Hook

Aerospace Sector Annulus Filler Hook

The challenge in manufacturing the annulus filler hook is the excessive surface vibration which occurs when machining deep pockets with tools with long overhangs out of a solid billet. Through the demonstration, you will see the optimised roughing and finishing machining strategies, especially ‘barrel milling’ techniques utilising Jabro® solid carbide convex profile milling cutters.

Hermle C 32 – Medical Sector, Femoral & Tibal Tray 

Medical Sector Femoral & Tibal Tray

With the demand for knee replacements increasing, the typical assembly comprising of three separate parts is ineffective. The need to optimise this process is evident. To aid this, SECO has created a range of material-specific cutting tools which help manufacturers machine orthopaedic components with high precision. A complete demonstration of the femoral and tibial components will be showcased.

When: 9 Oct 09:00 – 10 Oct 16:00

Where: SECO Tools Technology Centre, Adams Way, Springfield Business Park, Alcester, Warwickshire

What: A free to attend two-day manufacturing best-practice event held at SECO Tools UK

Seminar schedule:

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