Efficient 5-axis machining of large components

Economical production of wind turbine rotor blades, aircraft structurals, automotive models and patterns, boat structures, and large moulds and tools are some of the applications for which the new Zimmermann FZ33 5-axis machining centre is ideal. Components made from wood, expanded polystyrene, plastic, composites and light metals through to cast iron, tool steel, titanium and exotic alloys can be accommodated within a working volume from 3 to 40 metres in the X-axis and up to 5 metres in Y and 2.5 metres in Z.

Available in the UK and Ireland through sole agent, Kingsbury Machine Tools, the German-built machine is one of a new generation of modular, highly dynamic portal machining centres with a counterbalanced, overhead gantry and fixed bed. As the moving mass is constant, comprising the structurally stiff gantry, cross slide, Z-axis ram and milling head, the machine’s dynamic behaviour is unvarying, resulting in optimum surface finish and accuracy.

Acceleration up to 5m/s2 to linear feed rates of 60 m/min in the linear axes and rotation of 360 degrees per second in the rotary A and C axes lead to fast cycle times and high productivity.

The linear axes are actuated via the latest rack and pinion drives, with twin motors in X. Linear scales are fitted for accurate positional feedback to the control, which the customer can specify.

The A and C axes are built into the slimline VH 20 spindle head, which is rated at 45 kW (100% duty cycle) / 25,000 rpm / HSK-A63. It features a 1,200 Nm, 220-degree A-axis with two electronically preloaded, backlash-free torque motors, while the C-axis has a direct drive torque motor. A 24 kW / 18,000 rpm head with single A-axis drive is available for machining lighter materials.

The combination of stability and stiffness, constant moving masses and dynamic drives allows high precision machining, making the machine particularly well suited to finish milling of moulds and dies. Accurate 3- and 4-axis machining is assisted by a holding torque of 3,000 Nm in the rotary axes. Even higher machining accuracy is possible using temperature stabilisation options.

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