The five MCT machining centres are designed specifically for multitasking applications. Milling, drilling, turning – all on one machining centre with high power density thanks to NC-controlled tilting spindle, strong turning tool holder and fast-turning torque table. Integrated horizontal and vertical turning replaces use of multiple additional lathes.

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Burkhardt + Weber MCT machine

Equipped with the BW characteristic rack-type tool magazine and with cutting-edge information and communication technology the machines can be interlinked – but they are also ready for digital networking in self-organised production processes.

  • Powerful and generously-supported horizontal/vertical head
  • To accommodate the optional turning tool holder, the swivel head is equipped as standard with a sturdy four-point clamping system
  • Assembled by highly experienced employees
  • Strictest quality controls
  • 24-hour load spectrum on BW test stand with programmable counter-loads
  • NC-controlled as HVP positioning head or as a fully-fledged 5-axis HVC swivel head
  • Each with 8,000 rpm an up to 42 kW / 2,000 Nm thanks to two gear stages
  • Swivel time 2 s at full speed
  • Turning tools are automatically loaded from the tool magazine into a special turning tool holder
  • Turning tool holder with quadruple hydraulic clamping on the spindle unit
  • The vertical precision spindle bearing arrangement bears no stress whatsoever during turning. All forces are absorbed by the 4 hydraulic clamping sleeves, which also feature large support spacing for reliable absorption of all lateral forces


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Power Generation

What range of machine sizes fall within your LPM portfolio?

Typically, anything over a 1,500mm envelope. We can offer travelling column and portal gantry machines up to 40m in length. Turning tables run from 1,500mm through to 9,000mm in diameter. For tall components, we can offer standard machines up to 7m, with options to go higher if required.

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