Waldrich Coburg Taurus Gemini

The TAURUS Gemini is the most flexible solution for economical and sustainable production, which is currently available on the market. It combines the enormous stability of a heavy roughing machine with the high dynamics of a finishing machine, paired with the accuracy of a WALDRICH COBURG.

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The TAURUS Gemini is always used when large workpieces have to be machined with high precision or when the process requires special machine stability.

  • This is the most economical option for investing in the future of your production.
  • You can perform all necessary operations with just one machine: milling, turning* and grinding*.
Travels X-Axis 4.300 mm / 7.200 mm
Y-Axis 4.000 mm
Z-Axis 1.500 mm
Max. feed 40 m/min in X / Y / Z
Rapid 40 m/min in X / Y / Z
Acceleration 3 m/s² in X / Y / Z
Table load 5.000 kg/m²
Option turning table Diameter 3.300 mm; Load 12.000 kg, 120 min-1
Main drive 6.000 min-1; 45 / 63 KW 1.250 Nm / 1.500 Nm (S1 / S6)
Motor spindle 20.000 min-1; 30 kW; 70 Nm
Tool changer 60 / 120 places
Dimensions of tools Ø 135 mm (Ø260 mm*), length 600 mm
Tool weight 20 kg / 30 kg in single change
Machine weight ~ 190 t

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Power Generation


What are some common applications for the MasterTec portal milling machine?
Common applications for the MasterTec portal milling machine include tool & die components, jigs & fixtures, machine tool components, diesel engine blocks, turbine housings, pump housings, gearboxes, wind turbine components, aerospace components, press frames, and rail components (frogs, switches, and crossings).
What are the added benefits of an integrated rotary table in a vertical machining center?
An integrated rotary table's principal added benefit is to maximize your investment with the ability to perform milling and turning operations on one machine. As a full NC axis, it also provides the ability to mill more complex shapes and details.
How do I decide what portal mill configuration is right for my facility?
To decide what portal mill configuration is right for your facility, consider the weight of the components you typically process versus the available floor space you have at your disposal. This will determine whether you'd be better served by a moving portal or a moving table.
Can Waldrich Coburg NA service my portal milling machine?
Yes, Waldrich Coburg NA has a team available to provide a variety of services on all portal milling machines, including MasterTec. Services include machine transfer and relocation, machine maintenance and inspections, on-site machine repair, and remote machine diagnostics. Contact us for more information about our MasterTec vertical bridge mills and machine services we offer.

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