Meet Simon Dutton

Strategic Business Development Manager

Following a long and illustrious career at Rolls Royce, Simon Dutton recently joined the Kingsbury team as our new Strategic Development Manager for Aerospace, Power Generation, Defence and Space (APDS). In his new role, Simon will identify and develop technical solutions for these sectors, with the goal of reducing costs and optimising overall performance.

When asked about what led to the creation of this new role, Managing Director Richard Kingsbury explained:

“Our business is divided up into vertical product groups, involving technical managers that are supported by a network of Applications and Service engineers. For the first time, we have strengthened our team by adding specialist roles that bridge horizontally across our complete range within the APDS sector. Simon Dutton will be leading our further expansion into the APDS sector.”

Richard Kingsbury – Managing Director, Kingsbury

Briefly, what will your new role entail?

Broadly speaking, I will be responsible for identifying and developing technical solutions for the APDS sectors. I’ll work with both existing and new customers to maximise their capabilities and performance by developing cost-effective and high-performing solutions. I’ll be working with the principals to develop capabilities to support production process requirements in these evermore demanding sectors.

Which projects are your excited to begin work on?

I am most excited to be working with suppliers who want to make a step change in technology, from manual processes to high-performance processes, with levels of automation which will dramatically change their business and generate maximum returns and growth. The capabilities we are able to offer within Kingsbury mean we can provide unique solutions, delivering a real business benefit.

How has your career led you to here? 

I spent 27 years working at Rolls-Royce, ultimately helping to improve the processes and develop cutting-edge technology and capability. During this time, I also completed a Master’s degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology where I specialised in machine geometric and kinematic validation.

With my knowledge and experience, the logical next step for my career was to move into the machine tool business. Kingsbury, who I had worked with for the last 10 years, gave me the opportunity to continue working on machining and technology development. In turn, this allowed me to make a greater impact to businesses across the sector, not only with the Hermle range, but also with the other principals whose products work exceptionally well within the section.

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