The same Multi-Spindle power for a more reasonable price

What’s on offer?

At our Gosport facility, we have two powerful pre-owned Multi-Spindle machines from INDEX ready to be viewed, demonstrated and delivered.

These machines offer virtually the same production potential of new machines, but with a lower price-tag.

Index MS22

The Numbers

  • 22(24) mm bar diameter
  • 10,000 rpm max speed
  • 15 kW max power, Per Spindle

Your Benefits

  • Front-opening architecture, freely accessible
  • Highly-dynamic slides (X and Z axis)
  • Non-wearing Z-axis via hydrostatic bushings
  • Rear-end machining with synchronised spindle
  • No longitudinal slides cluttering the workspace
  • Infinitely programmable spindle speeds, all spindles.
  • Improved productivity per employee, per square metre
  • Six months labour warranty included (Conditional on UK installation)
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See the potential for yourself

Our recent seminar showed investors first-hand how Multi-Spindles are engineered to greatly reduce production time and cost-per-part.

This means your business is both more competitive and future-proofed for industry developments.

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Do you have unanswered questions?

View Multi-Spindle FAQs

With so much activity inside one machine, it’s understandable to think Multi-Spindle machining is complex. You will, of course, have questions about these machines. To help cover some of the frequently asked ones, we’ve created a dedicated FAQ page.