We’re hiring for a Senior Applications Engineer

Senior Applications Engineer –: Job description.

Responsible To: Andy Young – Product Manager – Turning


The position will be based at either our facility in Warwick or Gosport in Hampshire, however extensive travel, both within the UK/Ireland and also in Germany, will be required from time to time.


Our business can be sub-divided into three key areas, the first of these being the pursuit of sales, the second being the delivery of sold products and the third being the support of sold products once delivered. This can be conveniently described as Pre-sales, Post-sales and After-sales.

Furthermore the ‘Products’ that we sell can be divided into four separate technology sectors, Milling, Turning, Grinding and Additive.

This role would primarily be involved with the pre-sales and post-sales activity specifically related to the ‘Turning Equipment’ that we sell, namely Index and Traub machines.

Pre-Sales – This activity comprises the identification of prospects and the building of rapport with these potential customers. It involves the identification of the detailed requirements of each enquiry once received and then pitching persuasively through the generation of professional and targeted quotations as well as technical presentations. This will often include the completion of cycle time studies and the technical specifications for the equipment itself where appropriate.

Whilst an interface and communication will be required with the rest of the organisation with regards Post Sales and After Sales, on won contracts, the emphasis of this role is to support the Company, and specifically the Product Manager – Turning, in the growth of our market share for the Index and Traub portfolio of products.

Specific Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Turnkey project engineering to include, process planning, cycle time calculation, equipment specification: Machinery, bar related, tooling and peripheral equipment. This will require the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) equipment.
  • Showroom demonstration of equipment to potential customers including the preparation of cutting trials.
  • Preparation and presentation of the technical content of submissions made to the customer, in essence playing an important part in ‘Selling’.
  • Supporting Customer and Principal Visits for the demonstration of facilities, capabilities and equipment to potential customers.
  • Machine set-up and the completion of acceptance runs either at the Manufacturers site in Germany, at our facility in Gosport or indeed at the customers facility following machine delivery.
  • To support the Area Sales Managers, where appropriate, in the presentation of our Turning Capabilities.
  • At the point of sale of a machine from this portfolio, to participate in a project start up meeting, with the complete management team wherever possible. At this meeting the formal ‘Contract Review’ will be established.
  • To support and inform for the placement of, all orders, on budget and to the correct quality requirements, for machines and equipment, on both our Principals and Suppliers alike.
  • To support and check off the generation of our order acknowledgements for submission to the customer.
  • To carry out programming and operator training.
  • To support Application queries from the customer base as their knowledge develops of the equipment delivered.
  • To support in the presentation and demonstration of equipment at Trade Shows and Open Houses, as and when they occur.

Post-Sales – The delivery of the manufacturing processes that we quoted through the set-up, refinement and eventual customer pass off and acceptance of the ‘Turnkey Solution’ offered.

The principle objectives of the position:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the Index Traub product line achieving a comprehensive understanding of all mechanical and electronic systems, across a broad spectrum of equipment.
  • Master process design and the optimisation of process strategies across the Index Traub portfolio, to achieve the project’s requirements for geometry, mechanical properties, cycle-time, repeatability and economics.  
  • Become a technical authority and valued resource for our sales team.  Providing trusted, experienced and expert product and process support.
  • Develop a strong ability to think and work autonomously when required, and to perform under pressure, to logically troubleshoot systems and processes.
  • Employ proficient verbal and written skills, especially related to technical proposals, reporting, and presentation.
  • Demonstrate skills for planning and organising work and processes.
  • Work as part of a team with an understanding of team dynamics. 
  • Develop and maintain internal and external customer relationships; as well as using good judgement and style when providing feedback or suggestion.

After-Sales – The support of the customer base on all process related problems and queries that they may experience as they use the machine supplied.

To apply please send your CV and covering letter to Lynne Packer – l.packer@kingsburyuk.com.