Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is a revolutionary approach to component manufacture. Inherently flexible, it opens up manufacturers to designs not possible with standard production methods.

Additive manufacturing technologies

Kingsbury offers a complete end-to-end production solution for additive and subtractive manufacturing from a single source.

The adoption of additive manufacturing can be a big step for a business. At Kingsbury, we work with our customers to enable them to understand which additive manufacturing process best suits their needs.

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM)

Unlike the more common metal powder additive manufacturing processes, WAAM works by melting metal wire using an electric arc as the heat source.

The wire is melted and extruded in the form of beads on the substrate. This process produces parts of a near net shape which can then be CNC machined for optimal surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

The WAAM process uses standard welding wire – making it the most cost-effective metal additive manufacturing process available today.

GEFERTEC produces the only 3DMP® WAAM wire arc additive manufacturing 3 and 5 axis production systems available on the market today. Enabling general machine shops to cost-effectively enter the world of additive manufacturing.

Our technical expertise and passion for metal additive manufacturing means that we will work with you to deliver the best system for your needs.

— Martin Hamill, Business Development Manager – Additive

Kingsbury is proud to represent the leaders in metal additive manufacturing technologies today.

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