With a heritage that stretches back to 1888, Burkhardt + Weber are a driving force in the manufacturing industry.


BURKHARDT+WEBER are internationally recognised for producing large, high-precision and customised machining centres which span a multitude of uses. Pioneers in digital control technology, BURKHARDT+WEBER created the first NC-controlled machining centre in 1959and Europe’s first transfer line in 1951. Their illustrious history has brought them to where they are today, a world leader in tool magazine technology. BURKHARDT+WEBER has been a part of Brazil’s largest machine tool manufacturer, Indústrias Romi S.A.since 2012. Now with over 250 talented professionals at its helm, BURKHARDT+WEBER are proud to occupy the space as an industry leader in manufacturing technology.

“BURKHARDT+WEBER machines fit perfectly into our milling portfolio, which includes other high-quality brands, namely SHW and F Zimmermann at the larger capacity end and Hermle, which makes small to medium size machines.”

– Richard Kingsbury , Managing Director, Kingsbury

Kingsbury are proud to be partnered with this innovative German brand. Together we’re committed to bringing our customers something truly remarkable –a range of machining centres that are designed to provide exactly the right solution to your needs.


BURKHARDT+WEBER machine tools are designed with quality and performance in mind, combining the tightest tolerances with solid construction. Their specialist products will reduce your process times and provide a greater flexibility with regard to component geometries.

With applications ranging from engines and systems to steam turbine blades and large generator housings, BURKHARDT+WEBER machines are designed to your own unique set of needs –helping you today while also future-proofing you for tomorrow.

Burkhardt + Weber Applications

  • Machine building
  • Drive technology
  • Engines and systems
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Power generation
  • Rolling mills and mining
  • Machine tools
  • Aerospace
  • Hydraulics and compressors
  • Plastics and wood
  • Printing, paper and packaging
  • Oil and Gas

At a glance

  • 130 years of experience in machine tool manufacturing.
  • Over 60 years of experience in building machining centres.
  • Specialists in the machining of steel and cast parts.
  • In-house development and production of all key components.

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