GEFERTEC is the first and only company worldwide that provides the market with the revolutionary 3DMP® technology that is based on modern arc welding in the form of ready-to-use production machinery.

Pioneers of the
3DMP® process

The award-winning GEFERTEC and its 3D printers for metal production are popular among designers and engineers for the manufacture of complicated metal parts, particularly when it comes to the construction of airframes, wing spars and other large structural aerospace components.

Pioneers of the 3DMP® process, GEFERTEC and its Arc series machines offer both 3 and 5-motion axes for maximum flexibility. The 3DMP® technology is unique, combining CAD and traditional arc welding to deliver an economically efficient additive method for the production of large 3D-printed metal parts.

GEFERTEC and its 3DMP® technology shuns traditional powder methods in favour of wire; a low-cost material that’s easily stored and offers nearly 100% material utilisation. Wire is typically easier to use than powder and provides optimum processability, with savings in production costs up to 60%.

Kingsbury is a perfect partner for GEFERTEC with more than 60 years of experience in the relevant markets and industries. We share the same vision of offering our customers more than just hardware but looking for a long-term cooperation. With Kingsbury’s expertise and passion for manufacturing, we will make the benefits of 3DMP a success for our UK customers too.

– Tobias Röhrich – Gefertec”

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