FANUM is an internationally recognised CNC manufacturer that pioneered the use of 5-axis machines in Poland. They specialise in milling machines and machining centres for aluminium, composites and other materials.

FANUM CNC Milling Machines

Since the early 90s, FANUM has worked tirelessly to craft CNC machines with the exact characteristics businesses need for success – durability, reliability, efficiency and safety.

Concentrating on aluminium, composites and plastics, their CNC milling machines and machining centres are excellent choices for thriving sectors, including nautical, automotive and aerospace.

Unleash Poland’s manufacturing potential with Kingsbury and FANUM


FANUM’s story started over 40 years ago, when the co-owners decided to start building the complex machining equipment needed to produce plywood fittings and veneers.

After many years of experimentation and creating conventional machines for their own needs, the FANUM team successfully designed and built Poland’s first 5-axis centre prototype. The rest, as they say, is history.

This heritage of invention is still in full effect today. FANUM continue to grow and diversify their output, by investing in innovations and infrastructure that allow them to offer even more technically-advanced machining solutions.

Over 40 years experience in CNC Machining markets and industries.

Proud owner of many patents for innovative technical solutions.

Hundreds of satisfied machining customers throughout Europe.

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