CNC turning cycle reduced by up to a third

A new video has been released by Kingsbury showing how one of its customers, Poole-based Westwind Air Bearings, turn-mills a component on an INDEX C100 CNC lathe 48 per cent faster than would have been possible on the next quickest turning centre trialled.

On the twin-spindle, triple-turret INDEX lathe, the mild steel coil housing is machined from 42 mm diameter bar. High metal removal rate is achieved using such strategies as overlap turning at the main spindle and simultaneous cutting at the counter spindle. Through-tool coolant delivery at 80 bar allows single-pass drilling and finishing of the bore instead of employing longer pecking cycles. Rigid tapping at the main spindle and rapid turret indexing save further time.

For further details on how Kingsbury application engineers achieved the highly competitive production solution, view this informative video, comprising footage taken by cameras within the machining area combined with graphical simulation for extra clarity.

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