Index launch new six-spindle CNC automatic lathe

INDEX launched their new six-spindle CNC automatic lathe capable of sliding-headstock turn-milling at the AMB 2018 show in Stuttgart in September. INDEX is available in the UK and Ireland through their sole agent, Kingsbury. The MS22-L is the first multi-spindle turning machine allowing use of two tool carriers for sliding-headstock machining at all six spindle positions simultaneously, ensuring maximum productivity.

As a variant of the INDEX MS22 fixed-head six-spindle multi, these latest technologies are applied to series production of all long, slender or complex parts up to 200mm long and 5-22mm diameter. Injector nozzles for internal combustion engines, pistons and nozzles for fluid technology, dental implants as well as a wide variety of shafts for the emerging electromobility sector have all been made more efficient with the move away from traditional single-spindle lathes.

Inside the INDEX MS22-L

Typical INDEX arrangement of tool carriers in the working area allows more than one tool to be deployed at each spindle position

Optimum results are achieved through six air-cooled motor spindles and a three-part Hirth to ensure accurate positioning. Each individual ball-bearing guide brush with a double-cone collet can be programmed to exert different pressures.

Damage-free removal of components is ensured through a swivelling 10,000 rpm synchro spindle with 120m of Z-axis travel. They also enable reverse-end machining in conjunction with six tools.

The MS22-L can have up to 62 CNC axes and 12 compound slides with X and Z axis travels of 62 and 85mm respectively. Each spindle is configured with a full C-axis and Y-axis can be added for off-centre, inclined or cross drilling, threading, contour milling, gear hobbing, elliptical deburring and polygonal turning.

INDEX MS22-L Tools

Two turning tools in cut simultaneously at one of the spindle stations of the INDEX MS22-L sliding-head CNC multi.

The tool carriers are arranged in a V-shape so two CNC slides can work at one spindle simultaneously. Each of the 12 slides can perform internal and external turning, boring and driven tool work. It is the toolholder that determines the type of machining undertaken. Therefore, you are not restricted to running a specific type of tool in any given position which plays a key part in reducing machining times.

Feed rates and cutting speeds can be selected for each of the 7,500 rpm spindles. This means the MS22-L is able to provide economical production of components that previously were difficult to machine on a multi. Optimal metal removal parameters at each station maximises productivity and tool life while ensuring high surface quality.

The control unit is by the Siemens 840D solution line, easily programmable and automatically performs collision checking for the synchro spindle. Comprehensive diagnostics for the machine are also included with the potential to specify tool monitoring and teleservice connection for troubleshooting.

Take a look at this video for the INDEX MS22-L:

Arrange a meeting with Kingsbury and we can help you work out if this machine could improve your production times.

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