Sigma ST is a gantry machine equipped with compact machining heads. Two movable machining tables allow for efficient alteration and workpiece processing.

Removing the partition results in a very large and adaptable working area, making it a fantastic solution for oversized components. The special construction of the Z-axis carriage allows the machine to be installed in a room of 3300 mm in height.

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Gantry construction with movable tables
A proven success in many industries, the Sigma ST delivers a rigid kinematic system consisting of a fixed gantry and mobile work tables.

  • Compact machining heads
  • Two movable tables mean efficient alternating machining
  • With the partition removed, joint-table work becomes available

Multi-application system
The optimal machining choice for many applications, including aluminium, glass fibres and 3D models.

Great accessory option

  • The machine can be equipped with a compact linear magazine mounted on the gantry
  • An automatic linear tool magazine mounted on the gate is also available
  • Available with measuring probes for tool diameter
  • Choose from five machining heads
Machining ranges Axis X* 3400 (1900-6200) [mm]
Axis Y* 2400 (1550-4000) [mm]
Axis Z* 1000 (1000,1300) [mm]
Axis A -115/+115 [°]
Axis C -360/+360 [°]
Spindles Spindle power ES779 12 [kW] (S6)
ES789 18 [kW] (S6)
Spindle speed range 0-24000 [rpm]
* (–) - other range upon request

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