Gefertec arc405

5-axis machining: Production of metallic components up to 0.06 m³ with a maximum mass of 200 kg.

Gefertec arc405

3D metal printers for industrial production

  • Easy implementation into the customer’s production process
  • Process monitoring by camera
  • Access to the machine at the ground level without a threshold through a roll-up door with a working table that can be moved out of the machine for easy loading and unloading by way of a crane
  • Base plate with active cooling
  • Soundproof housing
  • Integrated
  • Operator-friendly user interface
  • High-end components of well-known manufacturers
  • Easy operation of the machines
  • Temperature monitoring by an integrated Sensortherm pyrometer arc cooling system for localised cooling with cooling gas
  • Automatic torch cleaning system
  • Water-cooled inert gas cover for oxygen-sensitive materials

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