C 12

Maximum efficiency combined with a installation area: The C 12 is the most compact Hermle machining centre in the High-Performance-Line. Designed for machining cubic parts up to 100 kg in weight, the C 12 works in the most diverse applications compactly, precisely and dynamically.


Insights into the C 12

  • Ergonomic control panel
  • 19" screen
  • Control panel adaptable to the left or right of the machine
  • Control panel pivotable from the tool loading point to the working area
  • Optimum loading height
  • Crane loading
  • Minimum interval between table and operator
  • Large door opening
  • High degree of freedom in working area
  • Very high table load
  • No accumulation of chip on the table (swivel table)
  • Swivelling axis A and rotary axis C are located within the workpiece (U-shape)
  • Wide spacing between the A axes flanges results in a very large collision circle
  • High swivelling range for undercuts
  • Central table load
  • Drive directly on the table housing
  • Direct, absolute measuring system
  • Good maintenance accessibility
  • A-axis integrated in machine bed
  • One-sided drive - mechanical drive on left of table housing

Key Features

Traverse path: 350 x 440 x 330 350 x 440 x 330 mm
Body dia. 320 / H265 mm
Collision circle dia. 610 mm
Max. vertical table clearance 430 mm
Speed 12000/15000/18000/25000/30000/42000 1/min
Rapid traverse linaer 30 (50) m/min.
Swivelling rotary table dia. 320 mm
Table loading max. 100 kg

Hermle launch new compact 5-axis milling machine

Designated C 12 U dynamic, the machine is capable of fully interpolative 5-axis profiling as well as 5-sided machining of components within a 350 x 440 x 330 mm working volume. Maximum table load is 100 kg.

hermle c12

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