C 22

As the C 12’s bigger brother, the C 22 High-Performance-Line machining centre has the same collision circle with longer traverse paths and larger component dimensions – and that means a huge degree of flexibility. The C 22 impresses with a large number of features. This predestines the C 22 for an especially wide range of applications.

Insights into the C 22

  • Short process cycles, quick workflows and the highest possible machine dynamics: The flexible C 22 machining centre is ideal for machining high-value parts with excellent accuracy and small tolerances.
  • As with most Hermle machining centres, the height-adjustable control panel can be altered to suit the operator’s working height.
  • Cooling units, fluid cabinet and switch cabinet are fully integrated into the compact machine enclosure.
  • The space-saving deployment of the chip conveyor helps both in daily operation and for maintenance and servicing.
  • The especially flexible machining centre can be transported without being dismantled and set up without a foundation.

Key Features

Traverse path 450 x 600 x 330 mm
Body dia. 450 / H 370
Collision circle dia. 610 mm
Max. vertical table clearance max. 470 mm
Speed 15000/18000/25000/30000/42000 1/min
Rapid traverse linear X-Y-Z 30 (50) m/min
Swivelling rotary table dia. 320 mm
Max. table load 300 kg

“I thought it was going to be a good machine when I saw them being made at the German factory and it has not disappointed. The build quality is awesome and the clever design ensures that vibration is minimised, resulting in lower tooling costs, higher accuracy and less wear and tear on the machine. I know it will still be good in 10 years and more, so now I could not imagine buying any other make of 5-axis machine.”

— Paul Cobb, Managing Director

This Nottingham based subcontractor use their C 22 to machine everything from Aircraft seat parts to beer pumps…

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