C 400

The C 400 machining centre is intended for high performance, large-scale machining of workpieces to high accuracy and surface quality. The C 400 features a large working area with a small installation area and can be ergonomically adapted to every machine operator - thus ensuring optimum ease of use.

Insights into the C 400

  • Collision protection - with collision monitor
  • 3 axes in the tool - component independent dynamics
  • Pick-up magazine - integrated in the base, thereby saving space
  • Ideal chip clearance - dry machining
  • A-axis drive - outside working area
  • Large working area - relative to the machine footprint
  • Accessibility - very good ergonomics
  • Central drive - centrally arranged Y axis main drive
  • Easy to service - ideal accessibility to the auxiliary units
  • Force characteristics - three guideways with one guideshoe for ideal force balance
  • Linear axes - above the working area
  • Modified gantry design - with ideal main axis support
  • Mineral casting design - very good vibration dampening properties

Key Features

Traverse path 850 x 700 x 500 mm
Body dia. 650 / H 500
Colision circle dia.885 mm
Max. vertical table clearance max. 625 mm
Speed 15000/18000 1/min
Rapid traverse linear X-Y-Z m/min
Rigid clamping table 1070 x 700 mm
Max. table load 2000 kg

“The other essential thing a subcontractor needs is good service. Kingsbury has impressed us so far, in particular with how quickly two of its engineers moved the C 400 in four days to allow us to install other new equipment urgently. It would normally take twice as long to relocate a 5-axis machining centre.”

— Nigel Pitman, Managing Director

A catastrophic failure of a 5-axis machining centre, coupled with a requirement to continue supplying 12 aircraft seat tray table assemblies per day that were being produced on it, is a nightmarish scenario for a subcontractor. It was exactly the problem Weymouth-based FGP Systems faced last autumn…

F1 subcontractor expands 5-axis machining

“The Hermle impressed me even when I was looking through the catalogue and saw the Y-axis on top of the main casting and the size of the swivelling rotary table’s A-axis bearings in the mineral cast bed. The machine performs as well as I thought it would. Every job comes out really well and blends are perfect.”

– Ray Harris, Driven Precision Engineering

F1 subcontractor expands 5-axis machining

In 2015 Ray Harris set up his own subcontracting company, Driven Prec...

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