C 42

The C 42 machining centre from the High-Performance-Line makes for an effective entry into MT technology – and it becomes a high-performance milling and turning centre. This includes various applications in the tool and mould making, medical, aerospace, motorsport, racing machine sectors and other industries: The C 42/ C C 42 U MT machining centre is at home in every area.


Insights into the C 42

  • The slimline tool spindles are constructed in two parts and can be replaced easily and quickly during servicing. Thanks to low interfering edges and collision protection by compression sleeves, safety is given primary importance by maximum collision avoidance. Damage can be prevented in 50 % of collisions.
  • Automatic cabin door, bed flushing, BDE-signal, electrical heat compensation, emulsion mist extraction system, precision packages, graphite machining packages, height-adjustable control panel, stainless steel production cabin, rotating visibility improvement unit, cooling unit, chip conveyor, coolant nozzle and chip cart, tool breakage monitoring and measurement, additional magazines …
  • Hermle manufactures many components using lightweight construction and mineral casting technology. The high degree of own production, local suppliers and components with high efficiency factors also promote energy efficiency. Energy recuperation, high-quality servo drives and the legendary long service lives are all proof of the same high standards during actual operation.
  • Heidenhain TNC 640 and Siemens S 840 D – these are the two control systems that can be used with the C 42 / C 42 U MT. They feature a variety of configurations and functionalities – including tools for improving precision for rotary and swivel operations, shell transformation and transparent tool management. Options such as Dynamic Efficiency, Dynamic Precision or the Kinematic Opt. software also serve to widen the range of functions.
  • The pick-up magazine of the C 42 / C 42 U MT is integrated into the machine bed, making for very good accessibility. There are 42 magazine pockets which can be extended to 462 by means of additional magazines. The maximum tool weight is 8 kg and the maximum tool length is 300 mm. The tool magazine of this milling/turning centre is rounded off by the swivelling control panel and covers for the tool holding fixture.
  • A genuine milling/turning centre such as the C 42 / C 42 U MT also fulfils all demands in respect of automation. This starts with the compatible PW 850 pallet changer that can serve components and pallets with especially large dimensions. Further options are HS flex and the RS 05 / RSL, RS 2 and RS 3 robot systems. Up to three peripheral devices can be connected with the C 42 / C 42 U MT in this way. If required, the HACS (‘Hermle-Automation-Control-System’) and the HIMS (‘Hermle-Information-Management-System’) can be used for easier operation.
  • From the comprehensive fluid technology to the optimized chip management system and a range of cooling lubricant units to the hinged belt conveyor: The milling/turning centre of the High-Performance Line has a number of highlights to offer, e.g. the right chip disposal equipment for removing all types of chip from the working area. The C 42 / C 42 U MT can be transported without dismantling and set up without a foundation.

Four C 42 Us and a larger C 52 U are producing Airbus wing components at a leading aerospace subcontractor in the south of England

REM Systems, UK agent for the Swiss automation equipment manufacturer, configured the machines into the FMS with the assistance of Kingsbury engineers. One C 42 U is devoted to the manufacture of titanium components, while all the other Hermles produce aluminium parts.

hermle c52 milling machine

Flexible manufacturing system for Airbus wing components

A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) for producing small to medium-si...

Key Features

Traverse path 800 x 800 x 550 mm
Body dia. 800 / H 560
Collision circle dia.990 mm
Max. vertical table clearance max. 700 mm
Speed 15000/18000/25000/42000 1/min
Rapid traverse linear X-Y-Z 45 (60)–45 (60)–40 (60) m/min
Swivelling rotary table dia. 800 x 630 mm
Max. table load 1400 kg

“The aerospace industry has seen enormous changes over the last 10 years, with many new product introductions and frequent design changes.

Subcontractors in the supply chain have to be nimble to cope with this challenging, global business environment and compete effectively.

There is a pressing need to put in place efficient production methods based on lean manufacturing principles and this installation is a prime example.”

– Richard Kingsbury, Managing Director, Kingsbury

machining in progress

New cell for machining Airbus engine pylons

Hermle twin-pallet machining centre from Kingsbury chosen for finishin...

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