C 650

The C 650: a dynamic machining center designed for entry-level 5-axis/ 5-side machining. Features galore to ensure high-precision, economical parts production.

Insights into the C 650

  • The largest working area relative to the installation area
  • The largest swivelling range of workpieces in the working area
  • Utilisation of the entire traverse range
  • A large collision circle between the table flanges
  • Unlimited crane top loading to above the table center
  • When loading the crane the tool spindle moves to the tool magazine - this means the working area is completely clear and accessible
  • Very high table loading (up to 3000kg with the highest accuracy)
  • No accumulation of chip on the swivelling rotary table (swivel table)
  • Swivelling axis A and rotary axis C are located within the workpiece (U-shape)
  • Wide flange spacing results in a very large collision circle in the working area
  • High swivelling range for undercuts

Key Features

Traverse path 1050 x 900 x 600 mm
Body Dia. 900 / H 600
Collision circle Ø 1100 mm
Vertical table clearance Max. 775 mm
Rotational speed 15000/18000 rpm
Rapid traverse linear X-Y-Z 35 m/min
Rigid clamping table 1250 x 982 mm
Max. table load 3000 kg

Same Hermle quality, but with an entry-level price

There have been no compromises in the build quality of the C 650 machining centre or indeed its smaller counterparts. The only limitation is that they are available with fewer options, which is the reason for their economical price.

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