Production turning machine for highly productive bar machining

Index C200

Insights into the C200

  • Fast production of bar turned parts
  • Generous work area for complete machining of workpieces
  • The INDEX SingleSlide guide system ensures a significantly faster dynamic response.
  • High acceleration (1g) and high rapid traverses (60 m/min)
  • 2 powerful motor spindles of identical design
  • Already included: the operating system iXpanel - i4.0 ready with 18.5” touch screen and INDEX C200 sl based on Siemens S840D sl

Key Features

Bar capacity 65/90mm
Speed max. 5,000/3,500rpm
Control Siemens
Power max. 32/40kW
Torque max. 170/207Nm
Control FANUC (only with spindle clearance 65mm)
Power max. 24kW
Torque max. 190Nm
C axis resolution 0.001 degree

“The INDEX lathes wipe the floor with cycle times. The 35 per cent saving is down to their ability to minimise the amount of time needed to travel from one cut to the next. Chip-to-chip times between successive operations in a program are around half those on other fixed-head lathes and the C200s are even faster than sliders.”

– Jason Nicholson, Managing Director, Unicut Precision

Cycle times are 35 per cent quicker on the INDEX lathes, significantly lowering production costs.

Index C-type with patented plate guideway system

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