One Click Metal Lab Module

Trial, test and use different powders in your MPRINT+

Advantages at a glance

Growing application possibilities: Due to the flexible extension with the Lab module, the possibilities in the application for the LPBF technology grow.
Easy integration: Compatibility with the MPRINT+ means that the Lab module can be installed quickly and easily.
More flexibility: Further and different powder materials can be used with the Lab module without time-consuming material changes of the complete system.
  • Test new materials without having to use the powder dosing system in your machine
  • Easily process small powder quantities
  • Supported by MPREP software
  • Integrates easily with MPRINT+
  • Use different powders in a single machine
  • The Lab Module utilises the same electrical and mechanical interfaces as the standard build module, saving time

Build Area (LxW)

  • 78mm x 53mm

Build Height

  • 90mm
  • 1.5 dosing

Integrated powder supply


Removable overflow container

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