Studer favoritCNC

The favoritCNC is a universal cylindrical grinding machine for medium-sized workpieces in individual and large series. It has distances between centres of 650mm (25.6") / 1000mm (40") and a centre height of 175mm (6.8"). It can machine workpieces with a maximum weight of 80kg (176lbs) / 120kg (264lbs).

It can subsequently be easily adapted to other grinding tasks using various accessory kits such as in-process gauging, balancing system, contact detection and length positioning. The solid Granitan® S103 machine base forms the basis for a cylindrical grinding machine that is equipped with high quality components, thus guaranteeing maximum precision, performance and reliability over many years. The full enclosure ensures an optimal view of the grinding process.

Key features

  • Turret wheelhead with grinding wheel right and internal grinding attachment (option) with manual swiveling 2.5° Hirth
  • External and internal grinding possible in one clamping
  • Granitan® S103 mineral casting machine base
  • CE-conform
  • Extremely easy programming with StuderPictogramming
  • StuderGRIND programming software optionally available to create grinding and dressing programs on an external computer.

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