The TRAUB TNX65 sets new standards for high-performance machining.

Insights into the TNX65

  • The gearing on both ends of our tool holders (TRAUB patent) allows you to use the cutting tools on the main and counter spindles. The combination with high-precision tool holder positioning significantly reduces setup times. Thus, no tool alignment is necessary.
  • Simultaneous, independent machining with up to 4 tool carriers
  • Quadruple function symmetry, i.e. 4 identical turrets with an independent Y-axis, having the same spaces for tool change and an identical number of tool stations
  • Free allocation of tool carriers to the two spindles
  • Optimal cutting power by powerful drives on main and counter spindles
  • Powerful tool drives on all turrets for complete cutting
  • Patented tool holder positioning does away with time-consuming adjustment of axial tools.
  • Generous and freely accessible working area

Key Features

Main spindle, counter spindle Bar capacity 65mm
Chuck diameter 175mm
Speed max. 5,000rpm
Power at 100% / 40% 24kW
Torque at 100% / 40% 192Nm
C axis resolution 0.001 degree
Compound slides 1, 2, 3, 4 Slide travel X, rapid traverse 175 / 20mm / m/min
Slide travel Y, rapid traverse ± 40 / 20mm / m/min
Slide travel Z, rapid traverse 650 / 40mm / m/min
Tool turrets 1, 2, 3, 4 Number of stations 10
Speed max 6,000rpm
Power max 5.5kW
Torque max 17.5Nm
Motor milling spindle Tool holder HSK-A40
Number of stations 80 / 120
Speed max 12,000rpm
Power max 5.5kW
Torque max 35.4Nm
Slide travel X, rapid traverse 340 / 30mm / m/min
Slide travel Y, rapid traverse ± 40 / 15mm / m/min
Slide travel Z, rapid traverse 650 / 60mm / m/min
B-axis swivel angle ± 95degrees
Dimensions, weight, connecting power Weight ca. 10000kg
Connecting power 85kW
Control iXpanel - i4.0 ready TRAUB TX8i-s V7

“Many of our products are ground after turning but some are not, so we need high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish on turned diameters. The Traub lathe allows us to meet those requirements and achieves very tight tolerances measured in microns.”

– Tony Smith, Muffet Gears

A highlight of the 10-tonne TNX65/42 is the heavily ribbed, cast iron, slant bed construction that dampens vibrations and promotes close tolerance machining. In addition to travels in X and Z of 650 mm and 175 mm, there is ± 40 mm of Y-axis movement on each turret.

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