New 5-axis machining centre has wealth of automation options

A new, 5-axis machining centre has been added to the Hermle C-series range, which now consists of seven models. The C 32 U dynamic is capable of fully interpolative 5-axis profiling as well as 5-sided machining within a working envelope of 650 x 650 x 500 mm. The single-lift machine can be transported as a single unit and has three-point support requiring no special foundations. Availability is through sole UK and Ireland agent, Kingsbury.

Adaptation to partial or full automation is provided by Hermle’s extensive range of pallet change and storage systems, flexible manufacturing cells including material and workpiece storage, and handling systems based on robotic configurations. Assisted by its subsidiary Hermle-Leibinger Systemtechnik, which manufactures the automation equipment, the machine builder is able to implement turnkey solutions from a single source.

High dimensional accuracy and surface finish of machined components are claimed, suiting the machine well to tool and mould making as well as to aerospace, medical and motorsport manufacturing. However, its use would be justified for all top-end applications in the OEM and subcontracting sectors, especially those involving complex, close-tolerance work on difficult-to-machine materials.

Of gantry design, the C 32 U dynamic has all linear guideways above the working area. Production potential is high owing to 10 m/s2 acceleration to traverse rates of 60 m/min in the linear axes. The Y-axis has a tandem drive for high machine dynamics and features a patented arrangement of three guideways, one mid way between and set back from the outer two, halving the Y-axis span.

The fourth and fifth axes are provided by a C-axis rotary table mounted on a ± 130° swivelling A-axis trunnion. Bearings for the A-axis are set directly into the mineral cast bed, promoting stable, vibration-free machining, particularly as the trunnion is driven from both sides by motors positioned on the axis centreline.

The table is driven by a high torque motor optimised for comparatively high speeds, making it possible to perform combinations of robust roughing and light finishing operations. A worm gear-driven variant is available, depending on the intended applications.

A space-saving, circular tool magazine is integrated within the body of the machine and exchanges cutters in 4.5 seconds chip-to-chip. It has space for 36 SK40 or HSK A 63 tools as standard. Additional magazines are available with 43, 87 or 160 pockets, allowing highly complex workpieces, entire product families or a wide variety of individual parts to be machined without additional set-ups.

Users have a choice of other options when ordering a C 32 U dynamic. Five spindle drives are offered with up to 29 kW of power, torques up to 200 Nm and speeds of 10,000, 18,000, 25,000 and 42,000 rpm. The two-part design incorporates six displacement sleeves that collapse to prevent damage to the spindle in the event of a collision.

Customers can also select from three variants of table: a rigid table for 3-axis machining with a clamping surface of 900 x 665 mm and a maximum table load of 1,500 kg; an NC swiveling table of 650 mm diameter x 540 mm across one axis for accommodating workpieces weighing up to one tonne; or a 320 mm diameter table for machining parts up to 300 kg.

Either the Heidenhain iTNC 530 or the Siemens 840 D sl CNC system can be specified. The control panel with 19″ screen can be rotated by up to 30° and its vertical height is adjustable by ± 100 mm for ergonomic use. Remote diagnostics is available to provide rapid help with programming or control issues.

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