New trading name for machine tool company

Turnkey production solution provider Geo Kingsbury Machine Tools Ltd, which until recently was best known as Geo Kingsbury, will with immediate effect trade under the name Kingsbury. The company is the sole agent in the UK and Ireland, and more recently in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, for a range of prestigious German machining centre and lathe builders as well as for a French additive manufacturing machine producer.

Richard Kingsbury

Managing director Richard Kingsbury commented, “We wanted uniformity in the way we are perceived by industry throughout the country’s into which we sell.

“Geo was well known as a short form of the name George in the 1950s when our company was formed, but the abbreviation is little understood today.

“Customers and even our own staff were using a range of names for us, such as Geo Kingsbury, George Kingsbury, GK and GKMT. So to ensure everyone calls us by the same name and that we are recognised in the marketplace as a consistent brand, we are now omitting the Geo and have a new company logo to reflect the change.”

The new name and livery are now evident across all of Kingsbury’s promotional material, website and social media platforms. Additionally, the website address has changed to and there has been a corresponding change to all email addresses, whereby … becomes …