SHW introduces new spindle for 5-axis machining

A new, high-frequency spindle option has been introduced by SHW Werkzeugmaschinen for its fork milling head, which may be specified for use on its large capacity machining centres sold in the UK and Ireland by Kingsbury. The head has continuously variable A- and C-axis movements, providing full 5-axis machining capability.

With speeds up to 26,000 rpm, the integrated spindle is ideal for machining light metals and for finishing dies and moulds. When machining steels, high-speed or high-feed cutting strategies can be employed. Tool interface is HSK-A63.

Developed in cooperation with Kessler, the spindle head is available for use on SHW’s UniSpeed and PowerSpeed machines. Traverses of up to 30 metres in X, 2.6 metres in Y and 1.5 metres in Z offer users a considerable degree of flexibility for 5-axis machining of large pieces weighing up to six tons.

Six alternative spindle variants are available down to 12,000 rpm with up to 119 Nm of torque, 30 kW of power (25 kW continuous) and an HSK-100A interface.

Read our complete guide to the benefits of 5-axis machining for further information.

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