Machine in the Spotlight – Hermle C 32

The C 32 from Hermle’s High-Performance Line

Today’s machine in the spotlight is the Hermle C 32 from Hermle. On display at next month’s Inspiration Through Innovation event, the Hermle C 32 is a dynamic and flexible 5-axis machine from Hermle’s High-Performance line.

The C 32 can machine workpieces weighing up to 1000kg in five axes simultaneously. The machine uses two axes in the workpiece and three axes in the tool. It offers dynamic positioning, minimal idle times and can accommodate a large range of workholding solutions.

The machine’s inherent rigidity and dynamics enable optimal machining of a wide range of materials – from aluminium to hard metals – to fine tolerances, surface finish and repeatability.

Features include:

  • Worm or Torque drive table
  • Heidenhain TNC640 or Siemens 849 D
  • 36, 50 or 88 tool magazine (additional 192, 462 magazine options)
  • 15k, 18k, 25k or 42k spindle options

Technical info:

Axis Travel: 650 x 650 x 500mm
Rotary table (option) : dia. 650 x 540mm (dia. 320mm with secondary clamping plates)

Collision circle: dia. 840mm
Maximum vertical table clearance: 600/635mm

Spindle options: 15000/18000/25000/42000 rpm
Rapid traverse linear X-Y-Z (dynamic) : 45 – 45 – 40 m/min (60 – 60 – 60 m/min)

Resolution: 0.0001mm
Maximum table load: 1000kg

Why choose the Hermle C 32?

Hermle’s modified gantry design exhibits special characteristics –

  • 3 axes in a tool with dynamics therefore independent of workpiece
  • Drives, measuring systems and guideways outside of the working area
  • Compact design to ensure minimum space requirement
  • Optimised static and dynamic properties
  • High running, positioning and long-term accuracy
  • High dynamics during the machining process
  • This design principle gives optimum support of the main axes with the Y-slide supported by 4 carriages on 4 offset guideways. Excellent guideway ratio is further enhanced by the central drive. In turn it creates a very rigid dynamic cross slide

Hermle’s Mineral casting design has excellent vibration dampening properties, very low thermal conductivity and is not hygroscopic. These features enable high form and contour accuracy in all planes along with optimum surface finish with very narrow tolerances.

The slimline tool spindles are constructed in two parts and can be replaced easily and quickly during servicing. Thanks to low interfering edges and collision protection by compression sleeves, safety is given primary importance by maximum collision avoidance. Damage can be prevented in 50 % of collisions.

The C 32 can include optional features such as an automatic cabin door, bed flushing, a BDE-signal, electrical heat compensation, emulsion mist extraction system, precision packages, graphite machining packages, rotating visibility improvement unit, high pressure and temperature-controlled cooling units, tool breakage monitoring and measurement and additional magazines to name a few.

The Heidenhain TNC 640 and Siemens 840 D control systems can be used with the Hermle C 32. They both feature a wide variety of configurations and functionalities from tools for improving precision for rotary and swivel operations to shell transformation and transparent tool management.

The pick-up magazine of the C 32 machining centre with swivelling control panel is integrated into the machine bed, making it easily accessible. With up to 36 pockets in the ring magazine, there are air cleaning nozzles at the tool change positions. With optional additional magazines, the capacity can be extended to up to 462 pockets.

Automation solutions available with the C 32 include the HS flex multi-pallet system, PW 250 pallet changer and the RS 05, RS 2 / RS 3 robot systems. The RS 05 system allows up to three C 32s to be connected to a single cell.

This high-performance machine can be transported without needing to be dismantled and can be set up without a foundation. It offers comprehensive fluid technology, optimized chip management systems with a hinged or scraper belt conveyor.

Kingsbury will be at SECO 2018 from the 9th to the 10th of October where you’ll be able to see the C 32 in action. Book your free place today.

Click here to find out more information on the Hermle C 32 Machine.

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