Powerful and dynamic motorized milling spindle, 70 or 140 magazine stations, HSK-T40 and fast tool change of approx. 6 sec chip-to-chip time


Insights into the G220

  • The turn-mill center G220 with its dynamic motorized milling spindle is ideal for machining of complex workpieces – up to five-axis machining. With a high degree of rigidity, thermal and dynamic stability and vibration damping – also thanks to the Y/B-axis running in hydrostatic bearings – workpieces can be completely machined from six sides with high productivity and precision.
  • Generous work area designed for turning/milling or milling/turning
  • 2 powerful, identical motorized spindles (up to 40 kW and 310 Nm)
  • Lower tool turret with Y-axis (100 mm) and 18 or 12 stations
  • Fast tool change
  • Simultaneous machining with two tool carriers possible
  • High dynamics (up to 55 m/min rapid traverse speed)
  • Already included: the operating system iXpanel i4.0 ready with 18.5” touch screen - based on Siemens S840D sl

Key Features

Main spindle Bar capacity 65/90mm
Chuck diameter 210mm
Speed max. 5,000/3,500rpm
Power at 40% 32/40kW
Torque at 40% 170/310Nm
C axis resolution 0.001 degree
Counter spindle Bar capacity 65 / 90mm
Chuck diameter 210 / 210mm
Speed max 5,000 / 3,500rpm
Power at 40% 32 / 40kW
Torque at 40% 170 / 207Nm
C axis resolution 0.001degrees
Slide travel Z 1,040mm
Rapid traverse Z 55m/min
Feed force Z 6,400N
Tailstock Pressing force max 8,000N
Slide travel Z 1,080mm
Quill SK30
Tool carrier 1 Tooling system HSK-T40 / HSK-T63
Solid tool places on motor milling spindle 4 x HSK-T40
Speed max 18,000 / 12,000rpm
Power at 100 % 11 / 17kW
Torque at 100% / 25% 19 / 30 // 62 / 90Nm
Slide travel X, rapid traverse, feed force 355 / 30 / 9,050mm / m/min / N
Slide travel Y, rapid traverse, feed force ± 80 / 15 / 7,850mm / m/min / N
Slide travel Z, rapid traverse, feed force 1,040 / 55 / 6,400mm / m/min / N
B-axis swivel angle -50 / +230degrees
Tool carrier 2 Number of stations VDI25 18 / VDI30 12
Speed max 7,200rpm
Power max 6kW
Torque max 18Nm
Slide travel X, rapid traverse, feed force 185 / 30 / 7,000mm / m/min / N
Slide travel Y, rapid traverse, feed force ± 50 / 15 / 7,850mm / m/min / N
Slide travel Z, rapid traverse, feed force 1,000 / 55 / 6,400mm / m/min / N
Tool magazine Number of stations 70 (140)
Tool weight max 3kg
Chip-to-chip time 6s
Steady rest Slide travel Z 1000mm
Gantry-type removal unit Workpiece length max 400mm
Workpiece weight max 7.5kg
Dimensions, weight, connecting power Weight ca. 14,000kg
Connecting power 68kW
Control iXpanel - i4.0 ready Basis Siemens S840D sl
Multi-Touch Screen 18.5"

A compact machining centre, based on over 100 years of experience.

The development department at lathe manufacturer INDEX contributed its entire expertise to the new design of the G220 turn-mill centre. The result is a compact machine that allows turning and milling operations (even with five axes) with the usual high quality on an approximately 10 m2 footprint.

New turn-mill centre from German manufacturer, Index

German turning machine manufacturer, INDEX, has redesigned its G-serie...

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