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Insights into the MS32

  • Highly-dynamic slides with sliding guide (X-axis)
  • Non-wearing Z-axis due to quills with hydrodynamic support
  • Front-opening machine for bar machining
  • Chuck part machining with loading and unloading by robots
  • Synchronous spindles with C-axis
  • A maximum of 3 tools for rear end machining, up to 2 live tools possible.
  • Already included: the operating system iXpanel i4.0 readywith 18.5” touch screen and INDEXC200-4D based on Siemens S840D sl

Key Features

Working Spindles Number max 6
Bar capacity 32mm
Power max 13.5kW
Torque max 32Nm
Synchronous spindle Number max 1
Chuck diameter 95mm
Speed max 6,300rpm
Power max 8kW
Torque max 14Nm
Slide travel Z 120mm
Number of tools for backwokring 3
Tool carrier Number max 12
Slide travel X 73mm
Slide travel Y 42mm
Slide travel Z 120mm
Dimensions, weight, connecting power Weight 7,100kg
Connecting power 62kW
Control iXpanel - i4.0 ready Basis Siemens S840D sl
Multi-Touch screen 18.5"

“The INDEX multi can inject big numbers of components into our system in a short amount of time. The only problem we have is feeding the 3.2 metre bar or tube into the Iemca magazine quickly enough – the machine eats stock alive, especially when a relatively simple part is coming out every few seconds.”

– Vic Pais, CNC Production Engineer

Reduced labour costs, tool-wear and bar wastage, increased availability.

Auto Turned Products (ATP) specialises in manufacturing turned parts, presswork and assemblies for blue chip customers in the motor industry. It is a preferred supplier to Jaguar Land Rover and also numbers Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin among its customers.

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