Index MS32

With the INDEX MS32-6 multi-spindle automatic lathe, which can be configured according to individual needs, INDEX offers a machine concept that meets all requirements and the highest demands. Six main spindles, up to two swiveling synchronized spindles and up to twelve tool carriers, which can be freely configured as cross slides X/Z, grooving slides X or drilling slides Z, allow highly productive production possibilities. The new INDEX quick-clamping system, patented W-serration and ergonomic front-opening work area minimize setup times. Maximum dynamic response and minimum secondary processes and downtime further reduce cost per part.

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Index MS32 multi spindle lathe
  • Flexible tool slide platform reduces changeover times.
  • C and Y axes, together with live tools, can also be implemented to enable a range of machining processes, including off-centre drilling, threading, contouring, hobbing and polygonal turning.
  • By presetting tooling for drilling, milling and polygonal turning off of the machine, setup times can be reduced.
  • Hydraulic units alternate between tools enabling the efficient use of separate tools for roughing and finishing in the same position.
  • Highly-dynamic slides with sliding guide (X-axis)
  • Non-wearing Z-axis due to quills with hydrodynamic support
    Front-opening machine for bar machining
  • Chuck part machining with loading and unloading by robots
    Synchronous spindles with C-axis
  • A maximum of 3 tools for rear end machining, up to 2 live tools possible.
  • Already included: the operating system iXpanel i4.0 ready with 18.5” touch screen and INDEXC200-4D based on Siemens S840D sl
Work spindles 6
Speed * rpm 8,000
Power (at 100%/25% duty cycle) kW 10.5/19
Torque (at 100%/25% duty cycle) Nm 22/40
Tool carrier / cross slide max. 12
Slide travel X mm 72
Slide travel Z mm 100
Slide travel Y mm 34
Tool carrier / grooving slide max. 5
Slide travel X mm 72
Tool carrier / boring slide max. 5
Slide travel Z mm 100
Swiveling synchronized spindles max. 2
Max. clamping diameter mm 40
Speed Nmax. rpm 8,000
Speed Nrated rpm 6,000
Power (at 100%/40% duty cycle) and Nrated kW 10/14
Torque (at 100% / 40% duty cycle) and Nnom. Nm 16 / 22
Synchronized spindle swivel angle degrees 126 / 132
Slide travel Z mm 130
Max. number of tools for rear-end machining 6
Back-boring slide
Tool carriers for rear-end machining 1/2
Slide travel X mm 82
Number of tools for rear-end machining 3 of which are live 2
Dimensions, mass, and connected power (at maximum equipment level, without bar guide or loading magazine)
Weight kg approx. 6,800
Length mm 3,365
Width mm 1,966
Height mm 2,854
Connected power 34-74 kW, 40-87 kVA, 400 V, 50 Hz
or 460-480 V, 60 Hz
Siemens S840D Solution Line, with teleservice, spindle stop, C-axis as standard
Options Polygon turning, gear hobbing, tool monitoring, Y-axis, transmit function

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