Large part machining unlocks larger opportunities

The race to win tomorrow’s business is on, and competition is fierce.

From machine capacity and operator productivity, to optimising every inch of floor space, rival companies seek to win work from each other however they can.

To stand out in an increasing crowd, you need to adapt and innovate, and our Large Part Machining team can help. By choosing Kingsbury, you aren’t just unlocking larger opportunities for your business; you’re also future-proofing your production line.

And best of all, when you choose our large CNC machines, you also choose us. Kingsbury takes a local, consultative approach to our machines – working with you from enquiry, through the installation, to process optimisation and beyond.
It’s time to step from the shadows and capitalise whilst your competition fights amongst themselves. We’re ready, are you?

We’ll help you win tomorrow’s business today.

With large parts machining, every manufacturing challenge is heightened: large machine sizes, large machine costs, large capacities, and huge components.

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Whilst initially this may seem daunting, you can be confident in Kingsbury. We’re by your side throughout and will support you on your journey.

We offer our large machining customers reduced operating costs today, so you can start delivering a more competitive process for your customers tomorrow.

Why? Because the more competitive your process is, the simpler it will be to capture additional work later down the line.

And with increased capacity and efficiency, you’ll can capitalise on those future opportunities.

Overcome machining obstacles and unleash new efficiencies

We know one of the most significant obstacles businesses face is machine utilisation. It’s critical to operate a fully utilised machine for your margin, ROI and profitability.

Our large machines don’t just open the door for projects that’ll have you running at full capacity; they also unleash previously shrouded efficiencies.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Increased machine utilisation
  • Increased parts produced per hour/day
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased tool life
  • Reduced operator intervention 
  • Reduced consumable costs
  • Reduced rework and scrap
  • A repeatable, consistent production process
  • A future-proofed machining solution for your business

Doing things differently

Most large part machine suppliers expect big deposits and expectations upfront. Kingbury don’t. We assist and support you throughout to ensure a smoother, fairer investment and help you and your team maximise the returns on your capital.

Shared responsibility

We share the burden of the investment process. We become your contractual supplier, delivering the machine and process from the UK. A strong display of our commitment and further safeguarding your investment.

Flexible payment plans

Large machines take time to manufacture, install and get into production. That means managing your cash flow is an important consideration. With a degree of flexibility internally, combined with aiming to maintain a neutral cashflow against clearly defined milestones throughout your project’s progress, we take a proactive approach to limiting your cashflow exposure.

Operational & technical setup

We plan and manage your site to ensure your premises have all the technical and practical capabilities to run a large machine effectively and compliantly.

Team training

In the months before your machine arrives, we’ll ensure your key personnel are fully trained, so there are zero production delays once it’s installed.

See it for yourself

Many leading industries trust Kingsbury and our carefully curated portfolio of quality large German CNC machines – from aerospace to defence, automotive to power generation.

Take the Zimmermann FZ42-100 DUO, installed at Magellan Aerospace, for example. Here it is manufacturing wing spar components for single-aisle Airbus planes. The machine effectively doubles output by machining two components in perfect harmony.

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Local Project Management for over 60 years.

We may work with machines, but our approach is personal.

Kingsbury takes a local, consultative approach, which separates us from the pack. Our dedicated UK team of world-class engineers, project managers and support staff assist your business from top to bottom, ensuring the optimal application for your specific workload. We’ve worked with the best in German manufacturing since 1956, and now we’re ready to work with you.

Say hello to your Local Project Management team.

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Still have unanswered questions?

No two large part machining applications and installations are the same, and you will have plenty of questions of your own. But we’ve created a dedicated FAQ page to help cover some of the more frequently asked ones.

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Zimmermann FZ42

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