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Hermle’s innovative automated solutions provide unmatched flexibility, productivity and ease of use for operators and engineers. Their automation options come super-charged with powerful technologies and industry-leading software at every level.


The Hermle automation family

Pallet changers

Tried and tested automation technology.

Hermle’s selection of pallet changers represents the most cost-effective form of machine tending. But, this doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful.

Pallet changers significantly increase the productivity of your machining centre, and like all Hermle’s production systems, there are several variants to meet your exact requirements.

Hermle pallet changer technical data

PW 100 for
PW 150 for
PW 850 for
C42 U (MT)
PW 2000 for
C52 U (MT)
PW 3000 for
C52 U (MT)
PW 3000 for
C62 U (MT)
C52 U (MT)
Pallet sizes
320 x 320 320 x 320
400 x 320
400 x 400
500 x 500
630 x 630
630 x 500
Ø 750 (MT)
800 x 800
100 x 800Ø 1000 (MT)
800 x 800
100 x 800Ø 1000 (MT)
800 x 800
100 x 800Ø 1000 (MT)
Max. Transport weight (kg)

Note limitations in the basic machine!

100 150
250 (single gr.)
600 (3-fold clamping)
2000 2000 3000
Pallet pockets without storage unit 6 4 (single gr.)
3 2
3 (at 800 x 800)
Pallet pockets with storage unit 11
10 (single gr.)
6 (3-fold clamping)

Handling systems

Adaptable automation. Hermle’s range of handling systems offers versatile automation options.

• Single repetitive tasks
• Complex multi-stage operations
• High production work
• Small batches

HS Flex handling systems

HS Flex is a flexible pallet handling system that can be configured for various machine platforms in the Hermle range. Available in two sizes: standard and heavy, the HS Flex system has options for a huge range of applications.

HS Flex Standard

The standard version works with small to medium-sized machines with payloads up to 450kg.

• C12
• C22
• C32
• C42
• C250
• C400

HS Flex Heavy

The heavy system is designed for larger machines, handling bigger pallets and payloads up to 1200KG.

• C32
• C42
• C400
• C650

Robot systems

Pure automation power. The strength of Hermle’s robotic systems lies in their flexibility.

They can load and unload pallets, be fitted with an automatic gripper-change, and load parts directly into the machine’s hydraulic/pneumatic workholding.

They make intelligent decisions, and optimise and improve your machine’s operations. If the system finds a lack of resources, the software will reprioritise the order schedule and move on to other jobs, ensuring time isn’t wasted.


Hermle RS05

Perfect for smaller components, the RS05-02 is an intelligent handling system with a 10KG robot and a huge range of storage options, including single matrix, draw storage or pallet storage.

  • Individual design for efficient production of workpieces and parts families
  • Short loading and unloading cycles
  • Pre-programmed sequence control
  • Flexible magazine design
  • Different gripper system
    • Single gripper
    • Double gripper (max. Transport weight 10kg)
    • Multiple or special gripper


Glueing this all together?
Dynamic software

Hermle Automation Control System

Driving Hermle’s automation options is HACS
(Hermle Automation Control System).

HACS autonomously controls all elements of its pallet changer system, handling system, or robot system, optimising and adapting schedules should any errors occur. Tooling changeover and set-up occur together, reducing machine non-cutting time and lead times while increasing production capacity.

Find out more about HACS in our guide here

• All tasks in sight at all times
• Fully integrated into machine
• Automates time-consuming tasks
• Intuitive with minimal hands-on control
• Efficient allocation of resources
• Less waste, fewer mistakes

Hermle Information Monitoring Software


For both automated and stand-alone machines, HIMS (Hermle Information Monitoring Software) provides crystal-clear monitoring.

HIMS takes ownership of registering errors and alarms, rapidly transmitting messages and stoppage information to operators and production control.

Status Monitor

• Quick overview of live status
• Detailed history
• Easily export data


• All tasks in sight at all times
• 24h email and SMS notification for events and errors
• Calendar for notification periods

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