INDEX is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CNC lathes, continually setting new standards for quality and innovation at their German production facilities, which have been in operation since 1914.


At the pinnacle of machine tool development and production for over a century, Index have been setting the standard for CNC turning equipment since 1914. Decades of experience, along with leading edge technology, have resulted in a machine series capable of easily handling complex processes to pinpoint tolerances, whilst dramatically reducing cycle times and increasing productivity.

Index provide the flexibility and power to ensure the right fit for any application. Simple automatic, universal or vertical lathes and true multi-axis hybrids are within their extensive range of machine tools.


A leading manufacturer of turning machines for over 75 years, Traub includes multi-turret mill turn centres and automatic, universal and interchangeable sliding and fixed head lathes amongst its impressive range of turned part solutions.

Distinguished by their ease of use and flexibility, these high-performance mill turn machines provide supreme accuracy and dependability in the production of complex parts. Offering a range of options to fully meet the diverse requirements of many industrial sectors, Traub includes an economic and versatile solution in its modular designs, which allow a number of tool carriers to work simultaneously or independently.

It is not unusual, at times of high demand, that we ask Kingsbury for applications support outside of the UK, such is the high regard we have for their team

Hans Koschig, Leiter Verkauf Ausland, INDEX Traub

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