First Index R300 turn-mill centre installed in the UK

The first UK user of a German-built Index R300 turn-milling centre incorporating two independent 5-axis machining systems will be Dartford-based SEM, a leading manufacturer of servomotors and spindle motors. The machine has been purchased through and will be installed and commissioned by sole agent, Kingsbury.

Michael Laming, CEO of SEM commented, “We have been introducing lean manufacturing and improving process flows in our new production facility in Dartford, ensuring that our manufacturing operations are carried out efficiently and to the highest quality.

“We pride ourselves on using the best and most modern equipment available. The Index R300 will give us the technology and capacity we need to machine drive end and non-drive end castings to world-class standard.”

An unusual level of versatility is provided by two B-axis milling spindles placed one above the other in the centre, working in conjunction with the 47 kW, diagonally arranged main and counter spindles. The configuration is a cost-effective alternative to using two multi-axis machining centres with turning capability for the production of complex components up to 315 mm diameter.

SEM motors are used all over the world for motion control applications in machine tools, wind turbines, robotics, printing, packaging and process equipment where accurate control and positioning are required.


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