New turn-mill centre from German manufacturer, Index

German turning machine manufacturer, INDEX, has redesigned its G-series of CNC turn-mill centres in response to the growing complexity of components and falling batch sizes. The machines are available in the UK and Ireland through their sole agent, Kingsbury, Gosport.

The latest model to be introduced is the G220. It is a twin-opposed-spindle lathe with a -35 to +215 degree B-axis milling head capable of five-axis prismatic machining at either spindle; or it can deploy a turning tool. A live tool turret with a ± 80 mm Y-axis positioned below the spindle centreline can also carry out turning or milling/drilling operations.

The G220 is particularly compact, with a footprint of 10 m2 excluding the bar magazine. It is based on a heavily rubbed cast iron bed which, together with generously sized linear guideways in the X and Z-axes ensures stability and absence of vibration. The lathe also features a programmable CNC gantry-type handling unit for removal of finished workpieces.

With a distance between the main and counter spindles of 1,280 mm and a maximum turning length of one metre, the machine offers a spacious working area. The spindles, positioned 1,350 mm above the ground, as well as the turret, milling spindle and CNC system, are all easily accessible to the machine operator.

Identical, 20 / 24 kW (100% / 40%) main and counter spindles are fluid-cooled, deliver a torque of 135 / 190 Nm and a maximum speed of 5,000 rpm. The tool turret can accommodate eighteen VDI 25 tools or twelve VDI 30 tools, all positions being driven – power 6 kW, torque 18 Nm, speed 7,200 rpm.

The milling spindle, which is fluid-cooled and has hydrostatic bearings in the Y/B-axes, is powered by an 11 kW motor delivering up to 30 Nm of torque and speeds to 18,000 rpm. The spindle is served with tools from a single- or twin-chain magazine for 70 or 140 tools (HSK-A40). Integrated drill breakage monitoring employs a light beam to check automatically if the tool is available every time a tool change is performed.

Although nearly all commonly available bar feeders can be connected to the G220 turn-mill centre, the INDEX MBL offers the specific advantage of guiding the bars in roller bearings. Irrespective of rotational speed, it results in precise, low-vibration bar guidance. The MBL is suitable for bars of up to 65 mm diameter and a length of optionally 3,200 mm or 4,200 mm.

A highlight that promotes uuser-friendlinessand process reliability is the latest generation INDEX C200 SL control. It is based on the Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl (solution line) and features an 18.5 inch touchscreen and integrated user interface. The latest capacitive touch technology, which can be used even when wearing gloves, makes it possible to incorporate numerous buttons and switches on the control screen. Those available for selection are backlit while others are dimmed.

The operating panel can, however, do more than just operate the machine. It features a second input which INDEX uses for its virtual machine option. The operator can switch to cycle simulation in background, irrespective of current machine status. The control technology’s network integration also presents new functions such as predictive simulation of the workpiece program running on the machine.


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