Zimmermann portal milling machines are amongst the most advanced machining centres on the market, specially developed for the machining of large parts with fine details.

Zimmermann Milling Machines

Renowned for pushing boundaries and applying the latest machining technology, Zimmermann is universally recognised for manufacturing the most advanced portal milling machines on the market. Developed for machining fine details, and capable of handling a broad spectrum of materials, all Zimmermann machines are designed for optimised speed, power and stability, enabling customers to compete for — and secure — long-term business in highly competitive markets.

Significant internal investment in R&D over recent years has allowed the company to produce unique innovations with increased capability, supplying advanced solutions for the machining of light alloys and composites in sectors including aerospace and Formula One.

A recent addition to the portfolio is the FZH Horizontal Range, providing a quantum leap in the machining of structural aerospace components.

Zimmermann introduced us to the rapidly expanding composites sector and also to profiling of large aluminium structurals, allowing us to increase our already significant presence in the aerospace industry with an expanded portfolio of production options for our supply chains.


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