SHW is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of travelling column machining centres.

SHW Machine Tools

SHW has been a pioneering force in the engineering industry for more than 80 years, thanks to its expert CNC milling machines and wealth of experience.

The company’s expertise and reputation are driven by the company’s culture and the people that embrace it. In fact, SHW will be the first to tell you that the most special thing about their milling machines is the people who build them. The team strive to innovate and deliver for the client –from machine and service to development and production management, quality and expertise are their top priority.

This hive of progressive culture and a passion for delivery allows SHW to generate greater benefits, more value and, ultimately, increased success for its customers. As such, technological advancements are a natural and beneficial byproduct.

SHW Powerspeed 3000

The company is now an internationally respected specialist for machine processing and the machines it produces embody the highest quality. As such, SHW machine tools, gantry machines and machining centres are found all over the world, with headquarters based in Germany, USA, China and India.

Today, SHW provides travelling column machining centres which allow up to 30m of travel in the X axis. Thanks to their large size, SHW milling machines are the go-to choice for the production of turbines for the energy sector, diesel engine components, aerospace parts and more.

With a specialisation in CNC machine tools, SHW is an expert in its field and trusted throughout multiple industries the world over, especially when it comes to product support. The SHW team collaborate with Kingsbury and are both on-hand throughout the lifetime of your product, so between the two, you’re not just investing in a machine; you’re also investing in your team.

In our very sophisticated project business, we strongly rely on excellent sales partners and application engineers.

The Kingsbury team delivers on both counts. Even final commissioning of our very complex machines and machine acceptances are always executed in a very professional manner.

Martin Rathgeb, Technischer Leiter, SHW

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