Nikon SLM Solutions

Pioneers of the selective laser melting process, SLM Solutions have been supplying the most productive powder bed fusion machines on the market for over 16 years.

Masters of metal additive manufacturing

All SLM models produce parts accurately and efficiently from aluminium, titanium, nickel, cobalt, iron and copper alloys.

Positioning them among the most advanced on the market are exclusive features such as bi-directional re-coating, multi-laser overlap strategy and laminar gas flow.

Unrivalled experience and trailblazing technology

3D metal printing has become a cost-effective manufacturing alternative for countless applications across major industries including aerospace, defence, automotive, energy, medical and tool making.

SLM’s technologically advanced, innovative and highly efficient manufacturing solutions enable parts with complex geometry and hollow structures to be produced.

We are delighted to be able to offer such a comprehensive range of production-oriented powder bed AM solutions. We see the technology, with the freedom of design that it brings to production, becoming increasingly important in enabling the manufacturing industry to innovate and become more competitive.

Richard Kingsbury, Managing Director, Kingsbury

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