Multi-Spindle Lathe Machines

Seeing is believing. Witness Multi-Spindle.

You’ve learnt the many benefits. You’ve heard the proof. Now it’s time to see it in action.

Witness the power and possibilities of the INDEX CNC Multi-Spindle series and discover how a Multi-Spindle machine can revolutionise your production process – shrinking cycle times, slashing costs per part and drastically upscaling your output per square metre.

Multi-Spindle Machines

Achieve more with Multi-Spindle.

Choosing to Multi-Spindle your business with Kingsbury unlocks new efficiencies and opportunities for your production efforts.

By adopting, you are future-proofing your production line and making it work harder and smarter – meaning more profit.

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Index MS machine featuring multi-spindle

The numbers speak for themselves:



Hourly rate:
(ROCE over 4 years) £63.00

Cycle time:
14.7 seconds

Parts per hour:
244 parts

Machining cost per part:
26 pence

32mm Slider:


Hourly rate:
(ROCE over 4 years) £13.10

Cycle time:
126 seconds

Parts per hour:
28 parts

Machining cost per part:
47 pence

Why choose to Multi-Spindle your business with Kingsbury?

Better output per square metre

INDEX Multi-Spindle machines produce the same parts, to a better standard, at a lower cost. All at four-to-five times the output per M₂.

Differentiate from the competition

INDEX Multi-Spindle machines enable you to reduce sales prices and cycle times, whilst increasing profitability.

Full technical setup and aftercare

Kingsbury operates a nationwide network of service engineers, working tirelessly to keep your production line moving.

Kingsbury's INDEX MS experts

Kingsbury are engineers first. Our wealth of machine expertise means we can create solutions specifically tailored to your production line.

The time to act is now.

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to visit our Gosport facility, to experience the INDEX Multi-Spindle series for yourself.

If you don’t, someone else will.

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Still unsure? Explore our free guides:

1. How to win more work in the subcontractor market

2. Are Multi-Spindle machines user-friendly in 2022?

If you want to differentiate from the competition, you must think bigger. You need a machining solution that works harder, faster, and smarter to give you the edge. See just how they could work for your business.

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Still need reassurance?

You may have reservations towards Multi-Spindle – perhaps it’s down to how to fill capacity requirements or capital cost. 

We’ve heard all of these and more. In fact, we’ve heard them so often, we’ve made a video series on them. 

We can assure you that choosing to Multi-Spindle your business with Kingsbury will make your production line work harder and generate more profit.


Objection 1: Capacity

Objection 2: Speed

Objection 3: Reliability

Objection 4: Complexity

Still have unanswered questions?

View Multi-Spindle FAQs

With so much activity inside one machine, it’s understandable to think Multi-Spindle machining is complex. You will, of course, have questions about these machines. To help cover some of the frequently asked ones, we’ve created a dedicated FAQ page.

INDEX Traub Sales Team

Meet the team that believes Multi-Spindle machines need local project management.

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Sales Director – Mill, Turn, Grind, Additive

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Product Manager – Turning

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Steven McBride

Area Sales Manager – Scotland and the North

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Strategic Development Manager, Area Sales Manager – North Midlands and Central North

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