Richard Kingsbury, MD at Kingsbury, highlights exclusive insights

Our Multi-Spindle seminar offered a fantastic insight into why INDEX Multi-Spindles remain unmatched for production potential and profitability.

The event combined a live setting of an INDEX MS32 with a presentation from Richard Kingsbury, giving investors a complete picture of how Multi-Spindles work and what they offer.

What did our seminar cover?

What makes INDEX Multi-Spindle technology so successful.

How Multi-Spindles balance flexibility and production volume.

How to produce more, using less time, space and labour.

Why Multi-Spindles offer an edge to subcontractors.

Learn more with our presentation

Our full seminar presentation is available online to download.

This presentation reveals everything you could want to know about INDEX Multi-Spindles – including their price and how they stack up against the competition.

Multi-Spindles in the market

How many INDEX Multi’s are currently installed, and their most popular models.

Boosted output

Why Multi-Spindles offer unmatched output per employee and per M² of factory floor. 

Flexibility vs. production volume

Where INDEX Multi-Spindles sit compared to 5 Axis Mill Turns, CNC Sliders, Conventional Multi’s, and Rotary Transfers.

Growing sub-contractor market share

Explaining what you need to acquire market share from your competitors.

Examining cost per part

Comparing an INDEX Multi-Spindle to the competition, we use a demo part to reveal cycle time, material costs, factory output and overall costs per part.

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Do you have unanswered questions?

View Multi-Spindle FAQs

With so much activity inside one machine, it’s understandable to think Multi-Spindle machining is complex. You will, of course, have questions about these machines. To help cover some of the frequently asked ones, we’ve created a dedicated FAQ page.