Gantry Machines

A gantry CNC machine is a production centre with a bridge that the component sits underneath.

How does a gantry machine work?

Gantry machines are large, highly capable machines suited for large parts machining. When your components are measured in metres, not millimetres, it becomes more logical to keep the part stationary and have the spindle move around to remove material.

Size is the key differentiator with gantry milling machines.

While small components are simpler to manipulate and move to grant spindle access, gantry machines are used when parts are too heavy and ponderous to be moved.

Traditional machines for smaller parts tend to spin the parts around to gain access to most features. In contrast, our gantry machines can access 5-side machining with various fully integrated attachments and accessories.

There are two types of gantry machine:

Fixed-bridge machine (portal machine):

With a fixed-bridge, or portal machine, the bridge is fixed to the floor and doesn’t move. To get the cutting tool to move to various parts of the component, the table moves.

• Provides more stable machining with a lower
centre of gravity.

Moving gantry machine:

Here, the gantry moves around, and the table is stationary. Machines with fixed walls provide enhanced performance, speed and acceleration.

• Suitable for larger parts (6-8m and above).

What are large gantry CNC machines used for?

Size is everything with gantry machining, and these machines are only used for large parts machining.

Kingsbury’s smallest gantry machine has a 1.8m x 3m working envelope; everything else is 2 or 3m or above.

While travelling column machines are also used for large parts machining, they can only access the front, the top and the two ends of a component. On the other hand, gantry machines are able to access 5 sides of a component, which is important when parts are measured in tonnes, not kilos.

Key sectors:

Energy sector

Wind turbines, gearboxes, transmission components, oil & gas components.



Wing ribs & spars, landing gear.

Large engines

Diesel engines and power generators for ships and trains, transmission components.


Nuclear industry

Large reactor components, pressure vessels.


Tracks, switch gear, rolling stock chassis, bogies and carriages.



Ships, submarines, pressure vessels, deep sea equipment.

What are the benefits of choosing a gantry milling machine?

To access the benefits of a gantry machine, you have to need one. Put simply: if moving the parts around is logistically complicated, or if multiple setups are required to complete the component, a gantry machine could be for you.

Our gantry machine customers find huge benefits in efficiency by maximising machining time before parts need to be reset, leading to:

  • Increased accuracy through a reduction in parts being moved
  • Increased utilisation and boosted operational effectiveness

Gantry CNC machines

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