Ex-Demo CNC Machines

Lower prices.
Never used in production.

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Ex-Demo CNC Machines

Having never been used in production, these ex-demo machines offer the chance to secure a next-to-new machine at a reduced price.

Machine models like these rarely stick around for long, so secure your machine before your competition does.

Where do our ex-demo machines come from?

Purchasing a product that isn’t brand new always comes with extra questions.

We understand this.

These ex-demo machines have been used for demonstrations and trials, ensuring you receive the highest quality machines with the bare minimum of usage.

They’ve either been in our Principals’ Technical Centres or are Kingsbury’s own machines.


Available Ex-Demo CNC machines for sale

SLM Ex-Demo Machines

SLM 500 machine

SLM 500

GEFERTEC Ex-Demo Machines

Gefertec arc405


INDEX Traub Ex-Demo Machines

INDEX B400/500

INDEX G220/300/320/420

Traub TNL32 sliding headstock automatic lathe

Traub TNL12/32

Index MS40-8 multi spindle machine


Engineering excellence.

Kingsbury provides the same personalised service, whether your machine is new, used, or ex-demo.

This means we never just sell a machine; working with Kingsbury means consultation and support from a dedicated team of expert engineers.

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