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Kingsbury has a range of new CNC machine stock ready to be viewed and installed on short notice.

Benefit from shorter delivery:

Custom-ordered machines: 4 months

Kingsbury stock machines: 4 weeks

These machines offer a fantastic opportunity to avoid long lead times, meaning delivery and installation in weeks rather than months: a powerful benefit if you need an exceptional machine, fast.

two guys operating a cnc machine

Why buy new CNC machine stock?

If you’re looking for brand-new CNC machines that are purchased off-the-shelf, then these machines are for you.

We hold most of these machines ourselves, but some might be held at our suppliers’ facilities.

Expect the same full warranties and renowned Kingsbury support from any of these machines, as well as popular customisation options.

In-stock CNC machines

Hermle new machine stock

Hermle C 400

Hermle C400

Hermle C 42

Hermle C42

Hermle C 250

Hermle C250


Zimmermann FZU22

In stock from April 2024

Zimmermann FZP22

In stock from March 2024

zimmermann-FZU37 machine

Zimmermann FZU37

In stock from September 2024


Gefertec arc405



SHW PowerSpeed 4000

SHW PowerSpeed 4000

In stock from April 2024




Engineering excellence.

Kingsbury provides the same personalised service, whether your machine is new, used, or ex-demo.

This means we never just sell a machine; working with Kingsbury means consultation and support from a dedicated team of expert engineers.

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