6-Axis CNC Milling

6 Axis CNC machining can reduce cycle times even more dramatically than 5 axis machines.

6-axis CNC machining can reduce cycle times even more dramatically than 5-axis machines. Shorter lead times can mean greater production, but how do you know if 6-axis is the right solution for you?

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How do 6-axis milling machines work?

CNC milling machines work by shaving or cutting away sections of raw material to achieve the desired shape. With a 6-axis milling machine, this is done via six individual axes, turning from both ends of the fixture without any defect in the final machine.

6-axis is designed for volume machining of aluminium, steel, cast iron and model making materials. It uses a unique 3-axis milling head to allow simultaneous 6-axis CNC machining that cuts production times by as much as 75%.

Applications for 6-axis milling machines

Hailed as one of the major inventions in the past few years, 6-axis CNC milling machines have the power of converting the raw metal bar into the final product far quicker than other milling machines.

Due to the fast turn-around time, 6-axis milling machines are usually used in large volume applications, where a large number of tools or components are required quickly. Therefore, 6-axis CNC milling machines provide an excellent machining solution for high-accuracy production of large aerospace and automotive parts, plus model-making and mould applications. It can also machine workpieces in shipbuilding and the alternative energy industry.

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